Protect and improve your product with ACTIWHEY®-microencapsulation


Transform your oil into a powder

Uniq Bioresearch Oy Ltd offers you an all natural way to microencapsulate and protect any oil based ingredient from rancification. ACTIWHEY® microencapsulation protects delicate ingredients against oxidation, heat, UV and acid environments.

Improve the shelf life of your delicate products

Why should you microencapsulate your product? Protecting your delicate products usually means keeping them in a cool, dry and dark place. ACTIWHEY® microencapsulating is a solution which solves these issues. When you microencapsulate an oil it becomes a powder that is easily preserved in room temperatures and can be added into any product. The taste of ACTIWHEY® microcapsules is very mild and it masks the original taste of your product. ACTIWHEY® microcapsulation can prolong the shelf-life of your precious oil up to 3 years.

Better sustainability through our gentle activation process 

When processing delicate substances it is very important that the original quality and bioactivity remains. Our gentle ACTIWHEY® mircoencapsulation method is better for your product and better for the environment. 

ACTIWHEY® microencapsule

ACTIWHEY® microcapsule

Finnish ExcellenceBenefits of ACTIWHEY® microencapsulation

1. Almost anything can be microencapsulated.
2. Preserves the quality and bioactivity of your active 
3. Up to 55 % of your ingredient in the microcapsules.
4. Superior nutrition profile and potent antioxidant.
5. Prolonged shelf life and durability due to active SH 
6. Controlled release of active ingredients.
7. Better protection against oxidation, UV light, heat 
and acidity. 



Longer shelf-life / Controlled release of ingredients / Nutritional and health benefits / Pleasant taste and smell 




ACTIWHEY® is the purest form of good and nutritious protein. Uniq Bioresearch Oy Ltd has developed a gentle method and process for whey protein activation, which unlocks additional SH-groups (antioxidants), increasing its antioxidative and detoxifying properties. It is also a good source of magnesium, riboflavin, calcium, potassium and other compounds necessary for a balanced health.

Read more about the health benefits of ACTIWHEY® here.



NeuroWay® is microencapsulated with ACTIWHEY® microencapsulation technology.



Nutritional supplement – power food for the brain

Helps protect the brain against degenerative processes caused by ageing and oxidative stress. A safe and effective phospholipid formulation for replenishing or repairing brain cell membranes. As we age, the amount of phospholipids in our brain cells begins to decline. These include phosphoserine, one of five fats found in cell membranes. NeuroWay® is a patented Finnish neurolipid formulation with all the necessary fats for brain health.

In Finland NeuroWay® is distributed by Biomed Oy.