About the Company

Uniq Bioresearch Ltd. is an advanced and innovative privately held Finnish biotech companies active in developing new whey protein based product concepts and microencapsulating solutions for the health food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, confectionary and dairy industries.

The Company offers novelty solutions using the new modified whey protein called ACTIWHEY. 

ACTIWHEY is a modified whey protein product and two whey protein fractions with unique functional properties. It is produced through a patented modification process developed by Uniq Bioresearch Ltd. 

Uniq Bioresearch Ltd.’s solutions include new ways in coating various food and pharmaceutical products and microencapsulating almost any substance.

The Company offers novelty solutions for microencapsulating food ingredients e.g.Omega-3 oils, liposomes, probiotics, prebiotics, antibiotics, berry seed oils and other ingredients that have been previously impossible or too costly to microencapsulate.