Quality is a way of thinking and caring about your Customers

ACTIWHEY® is approved by Evira as a safe food product in EU and an FDA equivalent GRASS notification is pending for approval. ACTIWHEY® is produced in Finland, at the VTT Rajamäki  and at the LUKE former MTT Jokioinen.


Long-term cooperation can only be created by keeping promises and through uncompromising quality of the production process and the delivered goods. We are determined to strive long-sighted in developing the finest quality products to our customers. Our work, stability, and trust among the personnel and other interest groups are the cornerstones of the company.

Uniq Bioresearch Ltd’s operation is based on a quality control system that is consistent with the SFS-EN ISO 9001:2008 standard.  In addition, we comply with all EFSA and FDA regulations to bring you only the finest quality whey based products and solutions.

Consideration for the environment

The environment is a high priority, which matters to us; our operations are rooted in the SFS-EN ISO 14001 standard. Our environment policy is the base for other goals and targets, and it determines the company’s principles of operation processes. All In all, our endeavors aim to make the environment and its well-being, as well as sustainable development, part of our relentless pursue to improve production and auxiliary activities, constantly making them more environmentally friendly. In selecting partners and subcontractors, we expect from them the same enthusiastic measures for the environment.


Our business is successful only when our customer’s businesses thrive and our end customer’s like our products. Therefore, we monitor constantly our customer’s feedback, to be able to quickly respond to any signals that can improve our products. With skilled employees, excellent management, and modern production equipment, we are able to operate efficiently and flexibly, to the benefit of our customers. We supply our customers with products that are of high quality, competitive, and tailored to their needs.


We are a dependable employer and business partner – it is a matter of honor for us to deliver what we promise. Customers and consumers can rely on our products to be first-class in quality and in performance. Our products have been tested for safety and health as proper nutritional foods. They are made using the minimum amount of water necessary in production and energy efficient processes by qualified employees working in good conditions. We at Uniq Bioresearch Ltd., and all our employees, are aware of the requirements of sustainable development. We act in conformity with these requirements and embrace our responsibility to the environment and for a better sustainable tomorrow.